What is Hallowe’en (= Samain) really about?

Have you ever wondered why ghosts and witches are part of Halloween? What the origin of "trick or treat" is? Here's the explanation !

World Supremacist E.U. and Trudeau force CETA through and ignore democracy. #NOmeansNO

The European Union and Canada signed a long-delayed (i.e. unwanted), “free” trade deal, which has triggered massive protests over concerns that it will harm European local businesses and agriculture and create a “dictatorship of corporations.” The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement’s (CETA) stated goal is to create new jobs and promote economic growth. During the signing, […]

Will Germany Survive DELIBERATE Invasion from World Supremacist Dictators Using Muslims as Cannon Fodder?

Will Germany Survive the Attack from World Supremacist Dictators Using Muslims as Canon Fodder? Are World Supremacist Dictators and Oligarchs Deliberately bombing Muslim countries to create “refugees” to use to destroy European Nations? When one looks at the unreasonable and illogical, attitudes and reactions from these world Supremacists like Merkel, Hollande, Soros, Tusk, Obama, Clinton, EU, etc. […]

Debate on the Life Equality Issue on the Vincent Browne Show 2-11-2015

A debate on the 8th Amendment on the Vincent Browne Show 2nd November 2015. On the panel: Sinead Kennedy (Secretary to the Coalition for the Repeal of the 8th Amendment), Wendy Grace (Pro-Life Campaign), Ruth Coppinger TD (Socialist Party) and Lorcan Price (Barrister, Pro-Life Campaign)

Illegal Migrants Cash In. Western Governments are Enticing, Grooming and Kidnapping People from Poorer Countries!

Illegal Migrants Cash In. Western Governments are Enticing, Grooming and Kidnapping People from poorer countries, making these countries guilty of human trafficking and crimes against humanity, by destroying the chances these poor countries have of advancement, by stealing their most able and talented citizens too boost the profit of supremacist multinationals. If we are to […]

KTI Deliver equipment to Bulgarian Border Patrol

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Interview with Muslim Defender

Guarding Europe’s Frontier

These are the brave men and women that the KTI have already helped with a delivery of vital equipment, including night vision goggles, a surveillance drone and bullet-proof vests.
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